Age Verification System

Age Verification System Name Your Own Price Vape obides by federal law in checking our customers age against major databases. Upon registering for an account with Name Your Own Price Vape, you will be asked to input your date of birth. Upon checkout your information will be instantly submitted through the Identiflo Age Verifcation System. While this process is seamless and instant, on some occasions a customers age may not be able to be verified in which further information may be required to process an order such as submnitting a copy of your state issues I.D. or drivers license.

Companies in the Vapor industry have been confronted by a significant expansion of compliance requirements. The federal age restrictions for vapor products that have been deemed to be tobacco products by the FDA went into effect on August 8th, requiring all retailers (including online retailers) to ensure that products covered under these regulations are not sold to anyone under the age of 18.

In addition to federal regulations, multiple state regulations require vapor retailers to verify the age of consumer prior to sale. For online retailers these regulations require matching consumer provided information (name, address, and date of birth) against data sources commonly used for age and identity verification.

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) offers age verification solutions that can ensure vapor product retailers are not transacting with individuals below legal age. With the ongoing expansion of regulations, one thing the vapor industry can be certain of is that maintaining compliance will not get any easier. By implementing real age verification thatverifies the identity of the individual, and by having an audit trail to prove due diligence efforts in avoiding sales to minors, businesses can take a big step toward compliance with current and impending regulation. - See more at: